Read some of the feedback received from clients over the years.
Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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It’s been so lovely, and they are very easy to deal with, and very trusting […] they really do look after you, take you through the stages, very simple.

Karen Underwood

It’s trust […] reassurance, because they make you feel as though they have your interests at heart and they are not just trying to sell a product to you […] they tailor the product to you.

Ann Williams

You get the feeling you are treated as an individual not just another number […] Plenty of information so you are making informed choices.

Charlie Wilson

I have been really impressed, genuinely, because I think there are advantages of being a small company, I always speak to Nick, or to Daniel or to Kate. They are readily accessible by phone or appointment […] What was really impressive was a concise resume of our meeting that arrived in the post ...

Andrew Cooper

I like the fact that it’s very personal, they communicate with me in the way I want to, and I can pick up the phone if I am not sure about something. I like that personal, caring approach that they have […] A trust worthy company that really does care about their clients’ financial wellbeing.

Jane Elliott

It’s not just the investment side of things that I find important […] in all sorts of ways they have provided a whole package of financial support and advice.

Julian Lovelock
Barnes Wealth Management and particularly Daniel have helped us immensely with strong, sound and jargon free advice on all of our financial questions. We cannot thank them enough for all their help, it was so refreshing to find someone you can trust and build a relationship with on such an important...
Alan & Jane Pierce
I was a complete investment novice but Barnes Wealth Management took time to understand my future financial planning requirements, explained everything clearly and keep in regular contact. No question from me is too trivial for them...the whole team is a pleasure to work with.
Catherine Cox
Barnes Wealth Management has provided me with a professional, efficient and friendly service, giving me confidence I have a sound financial future
David Wilton
We are absolutely delighted with the services provided by Barnes Wealth Management. Daniel and Alex are professional, friendly, and extremely prompt in responding to any of our queries. They have provided us with clarification and reliable advice regarding our long-term investment options. We are so...
Emma Higgins
We are absolutely delighted with the service we have received from Daniel at Barnes Wealth Management. It really is refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in their clients' needs, circumstances and preferences. Last year we sought your services to advise us on planning f...
Georgia Langridge
I am hugely grateful to Daniel Barnes of Barnes Wealth Management for his sound and clear advice regarding my retirement planning needs. I feel confident that my finances are being managed in the best possible way.
Jane Elliott
The team at Barnes Wealth Management guide you through the maze of Pensions and Financial Planning with a professional, personable, polite and above all positive experience. I can’t recommend them enough! Thankyou.
Julia Evans
I did not think that I had ‘enough’ money to warrant speaking to a financial advisor but the decision to meet with Barnes Wealth Management was positive and friendly and so I did not feel as though I was wasting their time!! Daniel made me realise that my money could work better for me, aiding to se...
Kara Glen
I switched my private pension fund to Barnes Wealth Management in early 2019. My Financial Adviser has been very professional and a pleasure to work with on my financial future. The Barnes Wealth Management team has been incredibly responsive which has enabled me to feel confident about how my finan...
Edmund Cartwright - Sales & Marketing Director Enforma Ltd
I can trust Daniel from Barnes Wealth Management to give me an honest assessment of my finances, recommending the right strategy for my circumstances and not just to gain a sale.
Karen Underwood
It's good to know that my pensions are being looked after by professional people doing what they do best, peace of mind is worth a lot to me.
Lisa and Paul Roach
Really happy with how Barnes Wealth Management have continued to provide excellent advice, listen carefully to my medium and long term goals and help me achieve them in a highly consultative, non-pushy manner.
Mike Daniell
Barnes Wealth Management have gone out of their way to accommodate my needs and I have been able to sit back and watch my investment steadily grow.
Neil Talboys
Past performance is not indicative of future performance.
As a novice about pensions and financial planning, Barnes Wealth Management really helped to demistify the whole process. Patient, unbiased and clear guidance about my options, opportunities (e.g. ISAs) and associated risks. Annual documentation is well presented and explained. My questions answered...
Quentin Leiper
Past performance is not indicative of future performance.
I have been very impressed by the level of service from Barnes Wealth Management. Professional, thorough advice regarding my Pension planning and delivered with a personal touch. Highly recommended.
Robin Leggett
Although my investment with Barnes Wealth Management is very modest, they have given me excellent support and advice, making me feel a valued member of their ‘family’.
Val Russell
Daniel and the team at Barnes Wealth Management have sorted out mine and my wife’s pensions, helping us to bring together a mishmash of schemes into a tidy package that is already out-performing what we had before. They give clear, easy-to-understand advice outlining all the pros and cons of any dec...
Tim Buckley
Past performance is not indicative of future performance.
We were both really impressed with how thorough you have been and you have a natural gift for explaining things without being condescending or losing us in the detail.
Anthony & Madeleine Donovan